Course Outline - Business Administration Program: Year 1 COMM 121 Communications 1

Brief Course Description

This course introduces the communications model and the complexity of the communication process. Students learn to apply effective business writing strategies and techniques in memos, e-mails, and letters, to express good news, bad news, and persuasive messages. Letters and memos will be assigned in class, and completed within prescribed time limits. Students will use word processing software to compose, edit, and revise assignments. As well, students will learn and practice fundamental presentation skills, including the effective use of visuals and presentation software. Creating and maintaining goodwill with audiences is emphasized throughout the course.

Course Prerequisites


Learning Objectives*

On completion of the Unit the candidate will be able to:
  1. Apply the principles of the communications model and communications theory in typical business situations.
  2. Write business messages with clarity and precision.
  3. Create reader-centered messages and goodwill by applying effective business writing techniques.
  4. Write business memos, emails, and informational report that appropriately address a variety of business situations.
  5. Cite sources in business reports using the APA style documentation to avoid plagiarism.
  6. Use critical thinking skills to select and focus viable research topics, evaluate research material, and construct logical arguments in business reports.
  7. Create comprehensive, up-to-date business reports by applying the appropriate research process, including research interview techniques.
  8. Use proper formatting of text, visual elements and document layout when creating informal and formal business reports.
  9. Apply proper editing techniques by proofreading and revising business writing.
  10. Prepare effective oral presentations.
  11. Create visual aids using computer software.
  12. Deliver impromptu presentations.
  13. Deliver oral presentations, which incorporate visual aids.

Required course materials*

Thill J.V, Bovee C.L and Cross A, Excellence in Business Communication. (6th Canadian edition) Pearson Troyka L.Q, Simon & Schuster Handbook for Writers (6th Edition) Pearson

Course Duration

The Course Duration is 64 Hours

Homework Hours

Course Homework Hours will be 10 hours per week approximately.

Delivery Methods

Indicate how the course is delivered: X In-class instruction
  • Distance education
  • Combined delivery (both in-class and distance)

Teaching Methods*

Teaching Methods will Involve Seminar Format, Lecture format and Laboratory Format depending upon the course demand

Method(s) of Student Evaluation*

Type of Assessment Value
Impromptu Speaking 5%
Writing Process Assignments: Chapter assignments focusing on various aspects of the Three-Step Writing Process will be used to evaluate effective communication skills, including grammar, punctuation, word usage, tone, etc. 25%
Presentation (s): A student-selected topic will be presented orally and accompanied by PowerPoint designed by the students to augment the topic. The presentation will adhere to and be evaluated upon specified criteria. 25%
Informal Informational Report: Includes 5% for memo proposal 35%
Participation 10%
Total 100%

Completion Requirements*

A Candidate has to attain a minimum score of 50% overall to ensure successful course completion