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Find out if you are eligible to apply for a program. Admission requirements vary by program, click to find your program of interest.

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Student Life

Learn more about career services, student services, other resources and all the benefits of studying in the metropolitan environment of Calgary.

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Work after studies

Gain valuable work experience in Canada with your diploma from Portage College continuing programs. All our current students and students who are starting before May 15th are eligible for their work permit and are not impacted by the recent announcement by the IRCC. As per the announcement by IRCC any student starting after May 15th in these programs would not be eligible for the PGWP. .

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Study in Calgary

Experience Canada's world-renowned hospitality as you live and study in a dynamic economic hub. Calgary is one of the safest and most multicultural cities in the country.

Calgary is a vibrant, modern city located in the southern part of Alberta. With a population of 1.4 million, Calgary is the fourth-largest city in Canada. Calgary has a multicultural character and is very diverse; close to 150 different languages are spoken in the city. Calgary is well-known for its citizens' friendliness and hospitality, as well as the natural beauty of its surroundings. Calgary constantly ranks in the top -10 livable cities of the world in most surveys including a recent one by the Economic Intelligence Unit.

Calgary is situated in the eastern foothills of Canada's Rocky Mountains, where the Elbow and Bow Rivers meet. The city's close proximity to the mountains makes it a perfect location for outdoor activities such as skiing, skating, hiking, fishing, and cycling. Calgary also has a vibrant arts scene, hosting many events and festivals throughout the year, along with fantastic restaurants, nightlife, shopping, sports and recreation facilities, and all the amenities you would expect of a modern and prosperous city.

Is this program credit or non-credit?

The Portage College continuing education programs at CIOT are non-credit. This means that it does not directly transfer into any colleges or universities in Alberta.

As an educational institution, we cannot legally provide any information about immigration at all. You should always rely on the information on or speak with a licensed immigration counselor.

Is this institution public or private?

CIOT’s programs are licensed in accordance with the Private Vocational Training Regulation.

Students in the Portage College Continuing Education Programs are actually Portage College students, not CIOT students - for the purposes of records and documentation. On your letters you can see that the DLI number on your Study Permit is for Portage College, not CIOT.

Even though you study at a Private College, you are students of a Public Alberta institution and will receive the same eligibility as if you’d done a continuing education diploma at another institution in Alberta.

PGWP Eligibility

If you are registered in a Portage College Continuing Education program before May 15, 2024, you are eligible for a Postgraduate Work Permit upon successful completion of your program. The length of the work permit is at the discretion of IRCC.

If you register for any Portage College Continuing Education programs at CIOT after May 15, 2024 you will not be eligible for a Postgraduate Work Permit. CIOT’s licensed programs are not eligible for PGWP