Course Outline - Business Administration Program: Year 2 BUSI 222 Operations Management

Brief Course Description

Operations Management is an ever-changing discipline and new concepts are appearing constantly. An operations manager is essential to improving productivity of a company and creating a competitive advantage through productivity and company growth. The course focuses on issues such as project management, process analysis, productivity and supply chain management.

Course Prerequisites

MATH 118

Learning Objectives*

On completion of the Unit the candidate will be able to:
  1. Define operations management.
  2. Describe the role of this function in the pursuit of improved productivity.
  3. Utilize project management techniques such as critical paths to solve problems.
  4. Flowchart manufacturing and service processes.
  5. Contrast the four common process flow structures.
  6. Measure supply chain performance.
  7. Perform basic capacity planning techniques.
  8. Describe just in-time techniques to solve problems.
  9. Utilize techniques for aggregate planning.

Required course materials*

Heizer, J., Render, 8., & Griffin, P. (2019). Operations Management: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management. (3rd ed) New Jersey: Pearson canada Inc. including MyOMLab access code. Financial Calculator: Sharp EL-738

Course Duration

The Course Duration is 64 Hours

Homework Hours

Course Homework Hours will be 10 hours per week approximately.

Delivery Methods

Indicate how the course is delivered: X In-class instruction
  • Distance education
  • Combined delivery (both in-class and distance)

Teaching Methods*

Teaching Methods will Involve Seminar Format, Lecture format and Laboratory Format depending upon the course demand

Method(s) of Student Evaluation*

Type of Assessment Value
Assignments 60%
Midterm 30%
Final 30%
TOTAL 100%

Completion Requirements*

A Candidate has to attain a minimum score of 50% overall to ensure successful course completion